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Last week we celebrated 10 years of Bareface. A huge congratulations to Venetia and Justine who founded it all those years ago. And congratulations to all the beautiful people in the office who keep it running and to all the stylists, photographers, producers and models who make it happen on the ground even during the sweltering summer months. Bareface is still the largest model agency in the Middle East and remains at the forefront of stills production in the region. What’s more is that we all care about each other, we are a team.

To celebrate we had a party at Media One M Deck which is white, breezy and oh-so Miami! The office, exclusive photographers, stylists, models and suppliers were invited to attend. A huge thanks to Ralph Younes, the outlet manager, www.mediaonehotel.com for all his help.

Now all good parties need a decent welcome drink to kick start things! I  therefore decided it was necessary to create our own welcome drink, The B-FAB. One evening a few of us got together, head booker-Elisa Galbraith, stylist-Angie Savage, locations manager-Johnny White (who was actually more interested in the rugby scores!) photographer- Mike McKelvie, myself and special guest, photographer Adam Browning-Hill who happens to be a cocktail expert! Well after a few flirtinis, blue lagoons, screwdrivers, salty dogs and ectoplasms Adam came up with the winning recipe! The B-Fab was born! It is a refreshing and punchy shot! The beauty of deciding on a shot meant that we could serve all guests another round at 10pm to tie in with the 10 years!

Some of the ingredients;

by Mike McKelvie

The tasting;


The B-fab is made with Vodka, Cointreau, fresh lemon juice, sugar and a hint of Grenadine. Served chilled of course!


by Mike McKelvie

The Party;

A good time was had by all and most of us managed to struggle through the next day! well done everybody!!


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