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Last week I had the opportunity to go to Florence for 2 days to help on a mini film being made for Ferrari World here in Abu Dhabi. They needed a stylist to help with the Arabic dressed models, the shayla can be a tricky thing!!! This was one of the locations we filmed at!







I was very excited as I had never been to Italy and have recently been looking at the possibility of buying a ruin somewhere in Umbria, next to Tuscany. (I assure you their annual chocolate festival has nothing to do with this choice!) Anyway, I was excited at the prospect of eating Italian pasta in Italy!

It was all a bit of a rush but I was able to spend a few hours on the Wednesday evening exploring the piazzas and trying to find the Ponte Vecchio, only to realise that if you’re on the bridge you can’t actually see the bridge! Duh!!! (I found the above beautiful photo on,”  florencefoodie.wordpress.com ” by Emily Wise Miller which is full of info on eating in Florence.) I then ventured to the Piazza Signoria and treated myself to a delicious glass of rose which came with complimentary nibbles, the olives were out of this world! It felt magical watching the twinkling merry-go-round and  listening to the group of buskers playing double base and saxophone as a young couple had a passionate argument in one corner of the square which of course, ended in an even more passionate kiss! So Italian!

The next morning I  had a few precious hours before I had to race back to the airport. I decided to go to the food market, Mercato Centrale before eating at Marios trattoria which seems to be both highly recommended by locals and travel books. The market was full of fresh pasta, beautiful balsamic vinegars, olive oils, porcini mushrooms, tantalizing truffles and trotters!!














Feeling my tummy rumbling I headed towards one stall which had a queue forming and asked the guy what they were selling. He said,” boiled beef sandwiches!” As I am always up for something new I decided to try one….. well,  it was thin slices of succulent beef topped with salsa verde and chilli salsa in freshly baked white rolls. Amazing!!








But it was so filling I couldn’t quite manage Marios so I wondered round the Duomo for a while to make room for the all important gelato experience which a kind old man offered to photograph…..








This rounded off my short visit nicely and I can’t wait for my next Italian adventure… ciao!


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