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skinnygenie logoI have been on a bit of a blogoliday as work has been super busy but there is so much going on here in Dubai it is time to return and share. The most recent of my new discoveries is a great new company called Skinny Genie. Well, we all know that bread is the enemy, and if not the enemy then a friend that you only visit on rare occasions but maybe not anymore. Skinny Genie is a boutique bakery that makes all their products, breads, muffins, cookies, quiches and party canapés etc gluten free. Not only are their products gluten free but often sugar free replacing sugar with agave syrup or using a fruit puree in place of butter and oil. Genius!

Screen Shot 2014-03-15 at 15.54.29

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Skinny Genie was started by Yann Jolivet and Sheikha Maryam al Qassimi. Yann explained that he was just a little tired of the same old offerings here in Dubai and decided it was time to introduce something more exciting and healthier, hence muffin flavours such as cranberry, barberry, lemon and sunflower seeds or date, orange blossom, cardamom and coconut. These can be purchased online straight out of the oven or products can be bought at outlets such as Milk and Honey, Cafe Nero and Spill the Bean amongst others. I am sure that in the coming few months these delicious baked goods will be appearing in more and more outlets. I also noticed whilst I was nosing around the bakery “lab” that there were jars of  gourmet sugar free jams and dare I say it, a sugar free, low fat chocolate spread….. True Genius!!!

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Check out their website www.skinny-genie.com or give them a call!


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